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Geoff Somers

After graduating from Queen's University with a music degree, Geoff opened up a private music studio in his home in Kingston, Ontario. He was playing in Old Time fiddle contests at the time (placed 7th at Shelburne two years in a row) , but switched to bluegrass and played fiddle for The Rideau River Grass Band. There met Peter Deachman and Mike Lodge and along with them, Bill Lansdell and Chris Whittles, formed the original Blue Mule.


Blue Mule existed for seventeen years with Pete and Geoff as the core members, and during those years, he was privileged to have played with the likes of Garret Doyle, Glen MacDonald, Tim McDonald, Jordy Sharp, Wayne Ferguson and Mike Maynard.


After Blue Mule disbanded, Geoff played mandolin for a year with Level Crossing before venturing into the folk music world, where he played guitar, mandolin and fiddle with David Francey. During his years with David , he garnered two Juno awards as co­producer of David's albums 'Far End of Summer', and 'Skating Rink'.


Geoff resides in East Galt, and is coming to the end of a twenty odd year career as an elementary school teacher. He has been a kindergarten teacher for the past four years.


You can contact Geoff at:


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