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Suzie hails from Saint Williams and and is one of Canada's best kept secrets in the singer/songwriter department. She has written extensively for the late Terry Sumsion and has played a myriad of shows and fund raisers with the likes of The Hill Brothers, Laura Bird, Cindy Dell and JP Riemens to name a few.


To the Barn Katz Suzie brings outstanding original material, a powerful and emotional vocal ability, and a effervescent stage presence that can turn any frown upside down.


To Suzie it is "all about the love" and this becomes very apparent when you see her on stage. She always has a great time performing and rehearsing but the underlying thought process that drives her is her desire to entertain and the uncanny ability to pick material, arrange it and present in a way that always leaves her audiences smiling. Suzie wants to be a Sushi Chef when she grows up.

You can contact Suzie at: 

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